Vermont’s FEH Program (website links)

The Vermont River Management Section website is a tremendous resource. The link to the portal is: Some selected resources from the website are:

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Fluvial Erosion Hazards:  Frequently Asked Questions
Defining River Corridors Fact Sheet
Fluvial Geomorphology: a Foundation for Watershed Protection, Management and Restoration
River Corridor Protection and Management Fact Sheet
River Dynamics 101 Fact Sheet
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Stream Geomorphic Assessment; Program Introduction
Vermont Fluvial Erosion Hazard Program Power Point
Vermont River Corridor Management Program Definition and Application of Fluvial Geomorphology

Other FEH Programs and Documents

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Federal Emergency Management Agency, Riverine Erosion Hazards Areas-Mapping Feasibility Study;jsessionid=285268F7040372FF54686847A1978005.Worker2Library?type=publishedFile&file=ft_rivex.pdf&fileid=9487fcc0-9766-11db-b057-000bdba87d5b
Montana Channel Migration Zones
New Hampshire Fluvial Erosion and Geologic Hazards Program

General References on stream morphology, stream stability, and bankfull determination

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A Guide to Identification of Bankfull Stage in the Northeastern U.S. (VIDEO)
A Guide for Field Identification of Bankfull Stage in the Western United States (VIDEO)
Identifying Bankfull Stage in Forested Streams in the Eastern United States (VIDEO)
Powell, R.O., Miller, S.J., Westergard, B.E., Mulvihill, C.I., Baldigo, B.P., Gallagher, A.S., and Starr, R.R., 2004, Guidelines for Surveying Bankfull Channel Geometry and Developing Regional Hydraulic-Geometry Relations for Streams of New York State: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03-092, 20 p.
Piegay, H., Darby, S.E., Mosselman, E. and N. Surian, 1995, A Review of Techniques for Delimiting the Erodible River Corridor: A Sustainable Approach to managing Bank Erosion, 1995, in River research and Applications, v.21: 773-789.
Trush, Wm. J., McBain, Scott, and Leopold, Luna B., 2000, Attributes of an Alluvial River and Their Relation to Water Policy and Management, in National Academy of Science Proceedings, v.97, no.22, p.11858-11863…


Regional Curves (publications)

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Emmett, William, W., (2004). A Historical perspective on Regional Channel Geometry Curves, in Stream Notes, January 2004.
Bankfull Characteristics of Ohio Streams and Their Relation to Peak Streamflows
Bankfull Regional Curves for Streams in the Non-Urban, Non-Tidal Coastal Plain Physiographic Province, Virginia and Maryland
Hydraulic Geometry Relationships and Regional Curves for the Inner and Outer Bluegrass Regions of Kentucky
Regional bankfull-channel dimensions of non-urban wadeable streams in Indiana
Regional Curve Development and Selection of a reference Reach in the Non-Urban, Lowland Sections of the Piedmont Physiographic Province, Pennsylvania and Maryland
USGS Regional Curves
Vermont Regional Hydraulic Geometry Curves

Indiana Fluvial Erosion Hazard Mitigation Manual

Indiana Fluvial Erosion Hazard Mitigation Program: Fluvial Erosion Hazard Assessments

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